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Katrina "Punkin" Richardson, must confront her greatest fear in hopes of saving her mother, Elaine, from an abusive relationship her mother just can't live without. this text box.

EBONY OBSIDIAN Katrina "Punkin" Richardson, played by lead actress Ebony Obsidian, a young poet who has more than enough negative inspiration to draw from in her life. Trapped in a household with "family" who consistently push past the point of forgiveness for their own personal gain. She has the weight of the world on her shoulders as she fights to protect not only herself, but the one thing she can't live without, her Mama.
ERIN SANDERSON Elaine, Mama, played by lead actress Erin Sanderson, a woman willing to go to the very pits of Hell for the man she needs so desperately to love her. She tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Katrina everything is okay, she fails to realize how much her decisions forever change her daughter's life.
CHRISTOPHER M. HUTCHINSON JD, played by lead actor Christopher M. Hutchinson, the man of the house and the relentless darkness over Katrina and Mama. A calculating individual who is completely in control of their lives and demonstrates it at every turn. Watch your tone, keep your voice down, and please, don't make any, sudden movements, because he is always there, watching.


 The #MtownFilms crew is a diverse team of creative individuals from all over the world who have come together to create a dynamic and impactful film. The crew itself is a mix of film students and experienced industry professionals all driven towards a common goal.
  1. Writer | Director
    Writer | Director
    Allen J. Redwing Exec. Producer, Writer & Director, originally from Memphis, TN was inspired to write and direct #PunkinPie based on things witnessed in childhood.
  2. Producer
    Peijun Zou, Producer and Production Manager, originally from Taiyuan, Shanxi, was inspired to produce the film while attending a Producer course in NYC.
  3. Cinematographer | Editor
    Cinematographer | Editor
    Tom Robotham, award winning veteran Cinematographer and Editor, with over 20 + years in the business ,brought an uncompromising visual creative process and approach to the production.
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